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Hidden body + storyteller staff+ pestilent mist worked too easily
Legit harder than most bosses if you don't use a shield
The page mentions she's immune to both Poison and Toxic. Whilst she is indeed immune to poison (able to completely ignore the effects of the swamp below), I've seen a number of reports that she is NOT immune to Toxic and can even be killed via Toxic Mist cheese if you avoid aggro-ing her ... can anyone confirm?
she fell down the ledge to the harald legion knight,didnt get aggro from it,didnt get falldamage,plunge attack when guided to the vine doing 20-30 damage who made this thing


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For those of you wondering how to cheese her with the Harald legion knight: When you cause her to fall down, they wont gain aggro on her, so you will have to also jump down and gain the harald knights aggro. From here just keep Zoey in between you and the knight and she will get caught in the crossfire of his attacks.
amazing chest ahead
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