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You guys want to hear a funny joke? Deacon's soul is worth more when you consume it than Nameless King's is worth.
no way
I mean, Nameless King was just a dude. The Deacons were hundreds
+3 Raw Broadsword with Charcoal Pine Resin kills these dudes easily. The lesser deacons die in 2-3 hits, and the blue ones that spawn with the Archdeacon can be killed just as easily by spamming R1. Be aggressive and kill the Archdeacon as fast as possible, but heal when you need to.
For sorcerers in trouble, google 'Intelligence kills Deacons of the Deep' for guidance, better have at least 30 points in the intelligence attribute...
the pinwheel of ds3
Sure, but then... What's the ds2 version?
Fighting this boss again on NG+ using Farron greatsword was probably one of the funniest experiences I ever had in all of gaming. You literally feel like a lawnmower.
I had a lot more fun fighting them by summoning 3 NPC phantoms
It makes me feel like I have friends