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the weapon art gives a 30% attack power increase and lasts for 45 seconds


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wait, could one have a friend parry the weapon art to cancel the debuff, but grant the buff?



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Nah, if you get stabbed the blood produces the buff and well, you've already stabbed yourself. You get parried with no buff, or get parried after buff. The second one's probably more deadly.
The buff comes after the damage and bleeding have been registered, so I don't think it could work.
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Excellent against the Demon Prince boss, even if you don't have any real investment in luck. The WA buff can help chop down it's health pretty efficiently even in subsequent playthroughs.
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Uh, why no hold WA? Doesn't feel right using it...
They could have switched the parry part of the WA for the stab to keep the self sacrifice.
Doing a Luck build, wondering if I should invest in getting this bad boy. The only problem I see is that it can’t be Hollow infused, so it will require actual dex scaling, but the payoff for the bleed buildup could be intense, especially if I have a +10 Hollow shield in the offhand for 5 extra levels of Luck. Don’t know how much better it would be than my Hollow Corvian Scythe buffed with Carthus Rouge, though.
Hollow weapons increase luck, but they do not increase the weapon's bleed bonus, that just comes from your real luck stat, also at+5 when buff and 35 luck, reaches 85+ bleed, more than hollow corvian with carthus rougue
Anyone else think this is Akame Ga Kill! reference?
no it's a reference to seppuku...
Potential glitch I encountered recently (appears to be repeatable): With an unupgraded Bloodlust at SL40 (nowhere near the stats to actually use it), I was able to 1 hit invading red spirits by stabbing myself if they were standing behind me (average of 500 damage). Compared to the 6-7 damage I was doing with the WA buff on a regular R1, this was quite odd. My friend, with an upgraded one he could actually properly wield was dealing about 1/3 the damage I was to the same invader. No idea why any of this was happening but it was amusing. Perhaps someone can find an actual use or explanation for this.
This weapon is very big*****