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Huh, I made one Chikage with high physical damage, and then the Lost Chikage with focus on blood attack, but both swords ended up having the exact same blood attack anyway. I guess I just happened to find blood gems that added up to the exact same level of blood attack? Or is there some weird trick to raising the blood attack on the Lost Chikage? I actually had the same issue with my Bowblades... My levels are: 50 STR / 99 DEX / 75 BT / 99 ARC.
If you are using PHY ATK UP gems, then they increase both the physical al damage AND the blood damage, which is why you might be seeing relatively same damage.
good work doing the reserch
I really feel like this is the BB counterpart to DS' Chaos Blade
I found a lost chikage in a short root dungeon, sadly it was an arcane build character
A weapon for people with no imagination.
actually I think that title goes to ludwigs holy blade
lol someone's been assraped by chikage one too many times
I have tried normal Chikage with cursed poor man gems and pulsing gem +5 Regen on fire arm, at vital 7, bloodtinge 99. It wrecks bosses super hard, feels like other pve weapons with beast pellet (stronger than ludwig holy blade in some bosses, eg ludwig, because of the attack speed of chikage)
Fact is, you can equip +15% hp rune to make max hp for chikage drains, it drops approx 4 health per sec which is the same without the rune
Chikage means blood shadow
Is it best to just use pure physical gems for the best blood damge or can you use the lost Chikage and use the nourishing gems and blood gems for more blood damage? (Best possible gems for both)
I wouldnt have a problem with this weapon if the transform attack damage wasnt so ludicrious with a 1.42 damage multiplier plus bloodtinge scaling. That transform attack can nearly if not 1 shot people in pvp