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Just a quick note; Has anyone noticed that when Gehrman says 'it always comes down to the hunters' helper to clean up after these sort of messes,' that when he says 'hunter's helper,' he's actually referring to himself? He clearly said that line because we didn't submit. But why would he mention hunter's helper in a manner that implies himself? If anything we've been the hunter's helper all along, since he's the 1st Hunter and that we've been going where he points us for the whole game. I think the Moon Presence is the 1st Hunter and Gehrman is its helper and the technical 1st Hunter that is a human. The Moon Presence is a quick agile foe that is arguably easy to take down if you go wild. It can summon clouds that prevent use of vials and has a technique that drains nearly all your health. The more I think about it, the more it seems that the Moon Presence is an Old God that is also a hunter. When the hunt was conceived it taught Gehrman how to hunt beasts, which could explain how he got siderite to make the Burial Blade.
Kinda obvious, but good job.
Or he might be talking about his massive *****ing scyth. Your theory is still galid though; i didnt think of that
Well he was "retired" for most of the game, and only acted as your mentor and helper as opposed to doing the hunting himself, perhaps because he couldn't leave the dream.
When Gherman says "tonight Gherman joins the hunt" he speaks in third person, maybe is possessed ?! Btw the doll is evil!!
He's joining smash.
he should join tho
Can his name be a reference to Walter Gilman, main character of “Dreams in the Witch House” (written by Lovecraft)?
Whoa, Gehrman pulls out Shadow the hedgeog oc schyte and starts twirling around like an anime character
0/10, this is the lamest boss in the game
Well, this is an anime game
Might just wanna git gud
If you die Last boss fight, can you refill your potions? Or Example go back and start level farming then come back?
Yes if you die against him you do back to the main dream area where you can travel and to go back to the fight you have to traverse the nightmare fog.
Thank you. I "read" somewhere that world changes after entering last boss, so "no coming back"


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If you kill Gehrmen in the second ending, would you get the badge that he drops?
If you're referring to the Moon Presence ending, yeah. After killing Gehrman, just let the Presence kill you you and you can pick it up
why the **** would someone need to know how many gravestones there are?
k n o w l e d g e
Every gravestone marks a single hunter who passed through the dream before you, thus, we can conclude that 361 hunters have gone through the dream, including you, Eileen, Djura, and all the rest.
i n s i g h t
Holy ****, three years since Bloodborne's release and I've only just noticed that Gehrman makes what almost looks like the 'Make Contact' pose as he dies. A final farewell to the Moon Presence, perhaps? If that was intentional on From Software's part, then (more) kudos for attention to fine detail.
Maria does the same thing (if you don't kill her with a riposte). It indeed looks very much like a final attempt at "Make Contact."
Whenever I stop to read item descriptions in the Hunter's Dream, I imagine the Hunter sitting by the fire, passing Gehrman the odds and ends picked up through their travels, as Gehrman offers insight into the origins of each of these peculiar artifacts. Sometimes it's a little improbable, especially with the Umbilicals, but other descriptions read like something Gehrman would say. "Small pebbles found throughout Yharnam... Can be thrown at foes... Quite thrilling." It makes the night feel just a little more cozy.
It isn't entirely improbable in the case of the Umbilicals bc he consumed one in rebellion to Moon Presence and another can still be found in a place very close to him
It's a nice thought because actually giving him some character development would help a lot...
he can also be found sometimes the first time you enter the dream (before lighting your first lantern) and dying to the werewolf in iosefkas clinic he's asleep without dialougue
I posted this to soon it has to do with in game progression