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Looking for the Sif soul. Please help. PSN: Kabucha
I can help you.
Can someone help me with the [KNIGHTS HONOUR] Trophy? I'm mailing stuck with all the boss weapons. I accidentally consumed moonlight butterfly soul while duping it. Would really appreciate your help. Psn ID - IronSight-17
360:Got 2 Symbol of Averice by first NG+:) Will trade that and 3 Rare Spare double drops for all 3 Souls of Sif, Quelaag, and Butterfly.
OP here, meant will trade 1 Symbol of Averice:)
I need a Soul of Sif & a Soul of Gwyn for Knights honor. DS1 Remaster on Xbox One. GT: OwO RainbowChan


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I am getting a PS4 and moving my playing from DS on PS3 to the remastered on the 4. Does anyone know if PS3 and PS4 versions can summon each other across the platforms since they are both on the PSN? If so I am looking for someone on PS4 who will pass off gear from my PS3 accounts back to me on PS4 so I can do a fashion soul NG run. The artorias chest piece is too garbage for a NG+ run past the parish really.
No you cannont they are different games essentially
I have the raw/lightning/strongest and crystal weapons. Achievement but i need the magic weapon and enchanted along with the occult weapons to get the achievement, is anyone willing to drop them so i can get the acheivments and i will drop them right back for you to pick up? I will do the same if you're in my position but reversed! Praise the sun!
Also im on xboxone my gamertag is BrutusbeBrutal
not sure exactly what u want but i will look you up tonight and you can transfera manus catallyst to my other sorc would be great
For blue titanite slab and white titanite slab u can easlily find them' the blue in royal wood and for the white it s in the abbyss before manus fight
Hey ! Im looking for titanite slab and red titanite slab for platine i ve been farming for hours with 410 in discovery and i still cant find them :/ can someone help me ?



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Looking for Blacksmith's Giant Hammer PS4 on DSR, PSN: Njorour
Looking for 99 of each soul. I’ve platinum trying to get one of my characters maxed level. PSN-Preech508
Dark Souls Remastered
Looking for Black Knight Shield for platinum trophy. Willing to give humanity, spells, anything but weapons. Sl 106, PS4, Shadow_Demon_Man
Nevermind, it finally dropped