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I found it to be worth putting a few points into Dex just to use this thing with Heavy infusion as a sidearm on my 66 STR Warrior. It's a nice surprise for people who think they can beat my Great Club with quickstep spam. It's just better than the axes and hammers, hate to say it.
Yeah, this is plain better than the Mace, unless you want Perseverance.
Can take you the entire game raw with the right infusions. Since you don't need much range for pve and it's easy to find this is a solid weapon to rush the game.



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It has been done before so, yes you can beat the game running a RAW build.
people do SL1 runs on NG+7 with unupgraded gear, so anything can complete a game.
I've died to it many times (r1, r1, then the r2 roll-catch), so I'm going to give it a go.
The heck, fire +10 is 212 not 184. Can someone update that*****?
Stat scaling for Chaos Broadsword as are follows, there are ACCURATE stats C D A A.
Really ? I wanted to infuse either my longsword or my broadsword with chaos but i though that with the broadsword it wouldnt scale well .... Damn
S scaling on INT/FTH on Simple and Blessed infusions respectively.
broadsword op
Ironically this sword is better at stabbing than all of the other straight swords if you look at the blade shape from a realistic perspective.
In real life, this sword would be for thrusting, it’s description says slashing, and it deals Standard damage. Gg Miyazaki.
Hardest hitting small weapon with same damage as the Mace, but less stamina cost. GG FromSoft.