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what makes this fight easier is to poison him before the big wolf comes out. Once the posion is applied you will fight him normally until he calls for his big wolf. While he is doing the gesture do whichever does most damage to him then just follow him cause he will roll away at this point. If you parry him one more time or hit him enough eventually the poison will finish him off. Then its just the big wolf.
Greatwolf doesn't seem to be weak to bleed in its optional fights (tested with Bleed-infused Reinforced Club+4), couldn't get it to proc no matter how much I whacked it (for comparison, Sulvayhn's Beast bleeds in 3 and Monstrosity of Sin bleeds in 2).
On SL1 this fight was such a pain. Used 15 Estus + an Ember + a Divine Blessing to survive this fight. Soul of Cinder only used 14 on my winning run for him :(
For all sorcerers in trouble, google 'Intelligence kills Champion's Gravetender and his amiable pets ' for guidance
Dragonslayer's Greataxe melts the gravetender. I used Two Princes sword on the wolf
Born into a pack... There's no choice but take orders to attack. Locked up in chains, I get fed, but the hunger still remains... Not content to live this way... Being led by the blind, got to plan my dispersal...
You can also use the dark hand twice and activate the second phase with almost full heath and all estus.
O I used the crow talons. At 50 dex /25 luck and +10 sharp talons i bled the wolf to death in 4 attacks using the WA. The WA also destroyed the champion gravetender. He tried to block with his shield and dive in with his sword. Both times he met the crow talons WA. I guess what I'm trying to say is both are very weak to bleed.
Actually I had only 44 DEX
i spammed dorhys gnaw rip
best miracle for any bosses , high damage and very high bleed for a small cost
Tottaly the worst boss, it sucks in every single way Its boring, unoriginal, sometimes a little unfair and sometimes super easy it sucks
Word, basically a discount artorias & sif with nothing that made their fights fun.