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So I have this equipped and my AR is 363. The actual weapon stats say 200 +87. I have no rings on with 26/30/45 quality /faith build. Can someone explain?
Arrows increase your AR, unequip your arrows to see 287
i like it
can you use this without having 19str? since it would be double-handed anyway? hehe. just making sure.



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You can, but what is the point? It scales mostly with str
running at Str / Dex , 28 /40 +4 dragonrider bow gives me total AR of 331, +9 Black Bow of Pharis AR 315, dragonrider gives me more AR at the cost of 3.5 weight and I had to compensate that with havel ring
Sucks they made it about a foot and a half bigger then the ds2 version
Bows (specifically shortbows) get a really bad rep. However, I can confirm that this bow is truly viable. Say what you want, but if you build around this thing just right, you'll be a force to be reckoned with in almost any situation.
Last comment makes a good point. This has the same range that the standard long bow has. Obviously if you are playing an archer the best bow in the game is the millwood greatbow, but I found a combination of having this bow, along with the millwood bow, will give you all the arrows you need to take out a field of hard enemies at safe range when using with the hawk ring. This can be especially helpful for newer players with a strength focus (as you need 28 str for the millwood bow) as you can cheese some of the more difficult enemies, like dragons from extreme range and pocket the rewards without putting yourself in any danger. I know it's not the honorable way of doing things, but "what can be broken, must be broken."