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Damn, she accidently kill by me when i face zombie rat. am i still learn dark pyromancies ?
if you pay the satue to clean you of sin im pretty sure she goes back to normal as long as she is still alive. (by the statue i mean the one in undead setelment close to the big rat)
you am not lol
If you want, you can lure the lycanthrope out of his cell and he'll start murdering the jailers for you if he loses sight of you. Or you can attract the jailers and then run into his cell and rapport him to get the same effect when they chase you in. Then you have less to worry about as far as losing Karla due to a death on your end while talking to her.
Yes, use rapport, the spell karla gives you, to save karla.
Karla is the most badass NPC in this game. You hand her tomes everyone else is afraid to even touch and she's like "well I'm not really a pyromancer but what the hell" and "eh I don't really do the faith and miracle thing but whatever." Hand other NPCs***** that's half as advanced and in the theme of their entire life's profession and they're like "OH LORD MY PURPOSE HATH BEEN FOUND."
She's a cutie
This deserves more thumbs ups than downs. Even jealous Anri fans can at least admit she's adorable.
Even though she's not a fan of miracles, it's recommended to give her the Deep Braille Tome because Irina takes it much worse than her.
it would be nice if you could give her a dark sorcery scroll, even if it was just one that taught you some minor ones
Pfft, pyromancy and miracles, this cutie even knows how to read Braille.
Pretty little heretic
Finally a likeable NPC that you won't have to babysit through the entire game
so you don't like Cornyx?
wtf man, do you have something against pyromancers that upgrade your flame, DO YOU!?
For some reason she's always dead to me. I've done about 6 playthroughs now, and never interacted with her. Consequently I don't have any of her spells. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I never actually talked with her, nor did I know she existed until I read this page. I thought it was because I died in Irithyll Dungeon and it somehow bugged her, but I just arrived at the dungeon in a new playthrough without dying, and yet again she's dead in her cell.
Must be the order in which you are progressing then. Are you beating Aldrich or Yhorm before finding her? Don't know if that makes a difference or not but I always send her to Firelink before either. Are you killing the dancer and exploring Lothric Castle early? Again don't know if that effects it either but one thing is obvious and you are doing something in the not intended order.


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I just got her after killing Yhorm, so at the very least the issue isn't that.
If you die while talking to her, the ***** does also.



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