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If you wear multiple staffs and shields of want does the souls gained go up more?
No, it doesn't and here's the numbers No soul items: 6337 all soul items:11406 Stacked shields of want:11406 All of these numbers are from journey 3, killing the man serpent from the great belfry bonfire items used: symbol of avarice, silver serpent ring +3, shield of want, and the mendicant's staff.
Two shields of want advarce helment silver. Ring 3ng+ wing knights give 75k+


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Im glad to say this thing isn't as rare as I heard I managed to get three which is pretty good
I agree,. Got one in 4 tries, got a second in 9 tries. Done!
I got one in about 15-20 kills @435 item discovery. You can kill three of the summoners per coin so save your gold coins for this drop, as it's a very efficient usage of them.
I killed about a dozen with around 330 item discovery, then crushed a gold coin and got the item on my second try.
do these stack if you have two?


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Yes, but you can also substitute one (or both) for Shield of Want and you'll have the same soul gain.
yes- but it has to be visible in your hands. like the other person said it has to replace the shield of want. you can't put four more in the other slots and have those stack
Can you add on notes : If +10 cannot trade for sunlight shield (further testing on other reinforce levels)
Took ~60 tries with 250 item discovery to get 2
No joke it took over 80 tries too get this *****ing thing
got it from about 10th kill with item discovery of 341
lucky bastard


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took me around 45 tries with item discovery of 351 to get 2 of em
If you wear one like a hat and another one shoved up your arse, does the soul gain stack?