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If you wear multiple staffs and shields of want does the souls gained go up more?
No, it doesn't and here's the numbers No soul items: 6337 all soul items:11406 Stacked shields of want:11406 All of these numbers are from journey 3, killing the man serpent from the great belfry bonfire items used: symbol of avarice, silver serpent ring +3, shield of want, and the mendicant's staff.
Two shields of want advarce helment silver. Ring 3ng+ wing knights give 75k+


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Im glad to say this thing isn't as rare as I heard I managed to get three which is pretty good
I got one in about 15-20 kills @435 item discovery. You can kill three of the summoners per coin so save your gold coins for this drop, as it's a very efficient usage of them.
do these stack if you have two?



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Yes, but you can also substitute one (or both) for Shield of Want and you'll have the same soul gain.