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Hey can someone help me with the abyss watchers on ps4 my psn is Scrappy_cloud and I've set my matchmaking pw to 1234
Sure I will try
Somebody trade me frayed sword for something!
Sure wat get
Sure wat your game system
Hey im lvl 171 and I need help with getting a op pvp build going my Xbox gamer tag is BogenTM, just shoot me a message please help!
I need help with the Wolfduo, ashes of ariandel. Ps4 Asap my fellow friends
What’s your gamer tag
Ummm does anyone even play switch ds1
Help with Frieda, summon password is RC
I’m a newbi. Just want some buddies to help alone the way. Show me the ropes and etc.
Aye looking for a ps4 bro to play with im at the beggining of farron keep
I just finished smouldering lake but dont mind helping you out
msg me: swindlemob
If anyone needs help, souls, armor, or/and weapons give me a shout. My psn tag is HighGSplat.


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Need cyristal rapier for farming willing to trade. Pm DARDAR445