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*****ing furries ;)


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It would be fun to have a full set, but they need better stats for that price. You can buy the full Jester's set for 9,900 souls once you get to Iron Keep. The jester's legs have the same effect as these.
@Pallor these have a stronger effect than the Jester's boots if I recall correctly. And yes I know it's been years
They were put in having literally nothing to do with psychologically ill muppets that dress up like *******. If you're so boring of a person that you dress up like a fool to fit into a group, you're doing it wrong.
Durability 2.0 and Weight 66? wut
one furry boi
May stack with cat ring.
It does, though the cat ring defends from fall damage pretty well without it, and no amount of stacks defend from "fatal" fall heights
wheres the full set? smh