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I’m very curious to what their goals are. Clearly they are spreading some form of new religion and purifying hollows by burning them. One theory is they are purging the pus of man from the hollows. There’s a YouTube video called “The Bastards Curse” which dose an AMAZING in-depth lore perspective and even talks about what the Deep is and how the evangelists are tied to it. I really recommend it!
For those in NG+, you can Rapport them. It makes dealing with the two in the building past the demon in Undead Settlement very enjoyable.
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the fact that the pear of anguish specifically is there is the most terrifying part of ds3...
Whoever keeps putting "Berserk" comparisons in the Trivia section is going to be banned. FYI.
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Dark souls is inspired by berserk
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Fact: Cathedral Evangelists promote the spread of Nazism