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Blades of the 2 Free Estus.
Fair, i've only been sumoned 7 times, got 7 ears thos and even played fair... but hey 99% of the players in this game suck hell big a **** so ez farm, jsut takes a god long a time.
ATTENTION BLUES: Get a +3 or +4 weapon, be around SL 30, wait at Cathedral of the deep, be Un-embered. I get my first half of concords this way. What's key is to keep the host from following sad little *****weed invaders into groups of enemies; it's good to have the HEY gesture for this purpose. Hope that the host is smart enough to have spammed for Seed of a giants tree after encountering Hodrick and twinks in the undead settlement; and the Ratdogs from the swamp. At these low levels poison is threatening enough to be validated, and works good to ward off invaders; it makes going and getting the Dreamchaser's ashes worth it, especially if you're running something like Uchigatana or any strait sword. Dagger builds can be dangerous but don't waste stamina or FP using quickstep. Instead run in and get backstabs when they get trigger happy on the host or on Phantoms. They can call us a gank covenant all they want. Wear it proudly; it's proof that invaders lose >:D
Are you dumb?!?!
ATTENTION you idiot. Shut up!
"Poison works to ward off invaders." Dear hosts: pray to good Lord Gwyn that you never have this absolute idiot as your blue guardian.
You are so stupid it hurts me you are the very reason invaders hate the police like listen to yourself we invade people that have 3 extra summons then the police show up and gank us or you have *** that host buffers that make the host a walking tank stop being so *****ing stupid and using dumb *** strategies you sre essentially button mashers in a fighting game the vast majority use straight swords or the exile curved sword and it is the dumbest thing in the world to have to deal with
This is proof Darkmoons are idiots.
Lmao look at all these mad shrimp***** invaders who never play fair.
29 Dec 2018 12:39 Lmao look at all these mad shrimp***** blues who never play fair AND are some of the worst players anyone has ever seen.
Lol try harder buddy, please try harder
Lol stop getting destroyed in under 10 seconds and giving invaders 2 free estus, please stop playing.
dont know how legit this is but when you are summoned and dont find or even hit the invader before he dies you get no concord BUT if when summoned, try to immediately hit and kill a PVE enemy and it seems like once the invader dies if you never found them you will get a concord everytime..
If I remember correctly, Aldrich Faithfuls and Watchdogs of Farron are "invaders defending a certain territory", thus NOT being counted as regular invaders (using a red eye orb). So, why the hell would you get a special item for killing an Aldrich Faithful as a blue, when he DON'T count as a regular invader, thus blue phantoms aren't summoned to help the host ? BROKEN LOGIC
Welp, just read that you get it by killing a player who has the Aldrich Faithful covenant equipped, BUT used a red eye orb.
This is a good example of how the gameplay is supposed to reflect the narrative. If Aldrich Faithful and Darkmoon Blades are rivals (makes sense because Gwyndolin vs. Aldrich), they should've made it so that Blades are summoned whenever an Aldrich Faithful appears, and granted both special items for it. I love the whole idea of rival covenants duking it out, and giving invaders double rewards for taking out Blues would help a little with the ganking problem.
You only get a reward for killing them if they've sinned (killed an NPC) that's why it's so rare.
Okay so I accidentally joined the rosariars covenant and now I can't join the dark moon covenant help
You can't join until NG+
kill yorshka, i dont think u can hand in the items, but u get the covenent
if you join rosarias before sirris gives you darkmoon loyalty you have to wait to NG+ or start a new character, because if you join rosaria, sirris is just gonna stay pissed at you regardless of what you do, and she gives you the gesture you need to join the covenent
Man just it's pretty stoopid that they expect you to do this at such a low level. Like I had no idea how it worked, because no instructions, so now I'm way to high sl and this is my last miracle.
Anyone know what would break your covenant aside from killing yorksha or Gwyndolin? Does invading? What if I remove the covinent item?
DS3 doesn't give a***** about what you do. Covenants are like socks, you can change them whenever you need to and there is no punishment for it (asides from canceling your summon sign).
For everyone complaining why summon as Blade takes so long: Because people in this covenant are IDIOTS. I dont hate their function,idea nor anything else behind but,but for my 500 hours in this game,i had plenty of blues in my world and every single one of them didnt serve their purpose. ALL they do is intantly get baited by red to run into npcs/arrow spam and they get deleted just feeding reds estus. Your job is to protect the host,not get yourself killed in first three seconds. I'm a mage,i know i gonna get invaded at first bonfire after Demon Prince at the start of Ringed City. I put on blues,i get invaded,i sit by the bonfire. One blue comes,instantly runs out and dies by archers. Second blue comes,keeps peeking untill same happens to him evne though red is clearly baiting them. You people are some most incompetent "defenders" that this game has ever seen and this is why noone wants to summon you.
I love farming forked pale tongues in that spot. Blues fall for that stuff every time.
Why don’t we just play the way we want to... I’m in botd and could reck you soooo... Get out of my face
You sound like you will do anything in your power to stay out of PVP.
Git gud casul;)
You can tell the last 3 commenters are salty as hell because they ended up getting jebaited by reds.
In my years of invading, I've never encountered a single smart Darkmoon/Sentinal. It's become a joke to me now whenever I see a red eye appear above my character, especially since 80% of my pale tongues were awarded for doing nothing and the blues just died to the environment. You guys gotta stop trying to be all heroic because it just makes you look like idiots.
Bruv I just want the miracle
Heroic?!?! You're joking, right? They care more about their personal survival than protecting the host.
does any sentinels actually want anything beyond waifu karma?
blade of the dark moon more like gank of the gankgank please kill me
If im summoned as a dark moon blade once in 5h im sure as hell not gonna care whether you *****ing invaders have a fun time
Maybe you shouldn’t invade if you don’t like defenders doing their job. Either that, or just kill the host before they spawn, or just stop dying. Simple stuff, really
"defenders doing their job". HAHAHAHA, what a joke. They're the first to die,zero and endless supply of estus for invaders
Powerful wordplay