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So I touched the ring before the iron golem dropped and didn't get his souls nor a sunlight medal for the jolly coop. Beware, i guess.
did the same, but it worked just fine when i did it
I didn't know about the gate giant until I sniped him from that dead-end outside the cage lift. I noticed he and the firebomb giant drop more souls than the stone-setting giant, by about 40%. I guess it's because they don't respawn.

Does he drop anything good? Because I didn't know I could reach that balcony until warping out, doing some other nonsense somewhere else, then coming back to fight the titanite Demons, and there was nothing up there.
A humanity, IIRC. No rings or weapons or anything, unless they're super rare.
I ran through Sen's Fortress without getting hit.
Throw a Lloyd‘s Talisman on the mimic, he will fall asleep for 30sec and give you the chance to get the item without fighting him
Ok so there are a lot of idiot trolls in the comment section. It's cancer actually. Beware everyone.
who the hell is sen anyway
Translation error. Fortress of a thousand traps. Sen being 1000 in nihongo.
This NEEDS to be added that the boulders won't stay the way you set them. After you left for some reason the wheel reset. That's *****ing idiotic.
It stands to reason that the enemies could turn the lever and redirect the boulders. That's not exactly a big stretch of the imagination. Just be happy that they don't do it while you're actually in the fortress. :)
Takes roughly 4-5 boulders to fill the trap leading to CGS Ring.
is there a bonfire in sens fortress
Yes but it is in a ****ing dumb place and is complete cancer in my opinion. I'd check a video on YouTube they can get you there easily.
Why does it say Very Good Carving is here? And why as an upgrade material?