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lol these lore pages are preposterous. The supposed correlations are clearly the product of mental illness, and show themselves to be senseless to any rational person.



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I disagree.
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I fully agree with the anon op. Just reading this article makes me doubt the validity of any page you have edited
If it doesn’t make sense why do you continue to read it? Play the game and youll understand
@1/14/19 - we continue to read it because these nutty fantasies are completely inescapable on this site... iow, we dont have a choice, lmao
Read "The Licking Fear" by H.P Lovecraft, it seems to describe Dark Beasts in mediocre detail. Something to think about
The lurking Fear*
Lurking and no it doesn’t
Instead of Rakuyo, I'm going to call you Washing Pole, because the reach here is bananas.