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lol these lore pages are preposterous. The supposed correlations are clearly the product of mental illness, and show themselves to be senseless to any rational person.



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I disagree.
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I fully agree with the anon op. Just reading this article makes me doubt the validity of any page you have edited
If it doesn’t make sense why do you continue to read it? Play the game and youll understand
@1/14/19 - we continue to read it because these nutty fantasies are completely inescapable on this site... iow, we dont have a choice, lmao
Rakuyo, you're an idiot. Redgrave is 10x better than you. This page is a disgrace to anyone with two brain cells to rub together
Read "The Licking Fear" by H.P Lovecraft, it seems to describe Dark Beasts in mediocre detail. Something to think about
The lurking Fear*
Lurking and no it doesn’t
Instead of Rakuyo, I'm going to call you Washing Pole, because the reach here is bananas.
paarl: blood starved beast who lost its flesh and blood, but remained alive in the process. read the bone marrow ash description abhorrent: scourge beast who instead of degenerating into a bsb, continue to fed and grew in strength. i believe the unused boss "great one beast" was going to be the abhorrent beast's final stage of evolution silverbeasts: pthumerians who tainted their blood with filth (slow poison) and mutated into beasts. the interpretation is based on their size, white fur, fire affinity and the presence of the white vermin. all of these are pthumerian characteristics (tall, white skin, pyromancy and extremely vermin infested blood/rapid poison). it's also on a process of starvation, noted by its thin form, exposed ribs and vermin infestation undeath is a very subtle theme in the game. one could argue that all beasts are in a way, decaying and dying should they not find fresh/healthy blood. so, if that's the case, they degenerate into weaker (but not less aggressive) versions of the scourge. pthumerians are undead, so it makes the silverbeast to be as well. the abhorrent beast is probably the only successful beast in the game for these reasons, or perhaps the loran cleric, who i assume was a beast patient who fed on pthumerian blood and gained some of its powers (look at his face for confirmation, and notice his snake-like tongue, a feature found in all beings with heavy pthumerian/quicksilver-abundant blood) what really intrigues me is what is the difference, between the beast possessed soul and the loran silverbeast. it appears for their height and pyromancy that they were once pthumerians, but the bps didn't gain a white fur and mantained the wolf-like appereance, and it doesn't seem to be starving or degenerating
Even though I don't agree with your theories and think you are reaching very far, and present arguments that are indefensible both factually and logically, but that isn't really my problem. The problem is that if I want to read someone's hypothesizing, I can seek that out. I really wish you wouldn't abuse the good faith of the wiki and it's contributors to advertise your own hypotheses especially when they're extremely interpretive and go so far to imply that the team is lazy for working within the constraints of their game and taking shortcuts that all video game developers take. This isn't lore, it's speculation and highly circumstantial at best.
There is so much nonsense here. The author has no understanding of "simply design choice" or just oversight. Delete this trash. I feel sorry for any fool that believes it.
Why is trashy fanfic on the wiki?
Call me an idiot but I thought the electricity of Darkbeasts and of the Tonitrus is blue because it’s static electricity. To buff the Tonitrus you rub it on your shoulder (do you remember the experiment in the physics class with your ruler and a cloth?). Darkbeasts have fur and catlike appearence (In my electrostatics class my prof used a cat fur to charge stuff for some experiments, quite horrible frankly). I mean, it’s an easy explanation and it makes sense, kinda. But maybe it’s the mermaid sun (just joking Rakuyo, I love u and I really appreciate all the effort you’ve put in Bloodborne: at least you’ve had the guts to tell your theories to the Bloodborne community, one of the saltiest
Note: cat fur is commonly used for this purpose (as far as I know My prof was just an exemple
Grammar Edit: (as far as I know). My prof was just an example.