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In the offhand, does it parry if you don't have the sword out?
If you only have one handed in the off hand it will have the sword, not the shield
It's a weapon, focusing on the sword, you need to two hand to use the shield so you can't do that.
What I began to realize about this weapon is its ability to artificially "poise" through almost any single attack. After playing a few games of pvp (a destroying a Havel Monster with it), I remembered that when you block with a shield you are left unfazed and can attack (unless your guard is broken). Because of this mechanic, with the first R1 primarily, you can block any hit with the right amount of damage and proceed to hit them. For example, in that Havel Monster fight, the guy would go for a hit with the dragon's tooth, but I would shield the hit, losing some extra stamina from the block, and my attack would continue for my full combo. This is all very good said and done but it does have some draw backs: if you don't have enough stamina then your guard will break and they can get a Ripostle, and if you aren't careful with the timing you may be the one being comboed.
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This is almost purely a pvp weapon, in my opinion. Its moveset, used wisely, can very effectively outmanuever more standard weapons. Its damage and reach, however, render it fairly ineffectual against many in-game enemies.
It's so good, that fromsoft secretly Nerfed it so that its impossible to not Parry it!
The block resistance isn’t much to write home about, but the fact that it blocks while attacking makes it nice for pvp. Just be aware that an enemy with good stability can out-tank you.
Use it on a Quality build with the Leo Ring, and do it EXCLUSIVELY against small weapons (Straightswords, Daggers, Katanas, Curved Swords and Rapiers). Anything bigger will guardbreak you.
And reapers. Lord knows Valorheart shuts that weapon class down.



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Definitely one of my top 5 favorite weapons for punishing players with small/fast swinging weapons.
Weapon looks suspiciously like "Goblin Slayers" weapon in every episode before he takes the enemy weaponry
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Use this with leo ring, dragonslayer helm and eastern armor for maximum lion
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