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My *****ing brother deleted all of my dark souls games, (SOTFS, Remastered and Prepare to Die, and 3) on PS4, is my save data still there for my characters?
Your brother is a *****
Yes it does. If you are playing on PC. Don't know about other platforms thou.
Should be. Just reinstall the games. Save data isn't stored with the install data.
i was getting a new pc so when i get on dark souls 3 all my profiles was gone including level 789 profile that i was working very hard to get that amount of level. do you guys know how to get my profile back pls. THANKS alot. mean alot to me.
If you still have your old PC, you can go to the directory of where the save is and then transfer to your new PC
Can you get rid of all your save data to get un solftbanned or do you just have to wait for the sever team to unban you?
Why is my version still 1.15?
Sorry, wrong thread.
wtf is this? If you can't manage to save files on the server then might as well not release the game. Film artist have noticed this and aborted all high end production.
Is it banable if I play with a character on my acount and then send the save file to a friend for him to use?
if your friend is playing on a different steam account he would have to use a save editor to make the save compatible with his account. this might be bannable as it requires 3rd party software to do, but ive done it like 15 times and have not been banned for it so its prolly ok
Not very helpful for Xbox players!
Xbox One is***** because no local save backup
This is sad that my steam account got banned (I don't cheat, don't edit saves, no mods, shaders etc.) I got the save of 135hrs of single player grinding because I hate pvp Now that im on the endgame, only boss.left is Midir. i cannot password summon my friend. And you know what? In polish status info screen you don't even have message with warning you have corupted file/ penatly. I only got to this because some random dude told me to change language to english. I don't even know for how long my acc is banned and I don't wanna delete that save because of hard hours of grinding for **** sake! This is just not fair im on the same server with cheaters when I play solo and long
Try 550 hours dude