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If she lives she blows poison mist and vanishes as she runs through it.
I chuckle every time I see this guy, I half hope her name is genuinely pronounced "Cuck-you-lus". I'm sure it isn't, though, and that bothers me; does anyone know how it's meant to be pronounced? Has a dev or a writer ever mentioned them in an interview before? If I can't ruin the illusion, the Age of Immaturity shall be perpetuated... By my hands.
Coo-coo-loose. It's just Latin for cuckoo so I guess it would be pronounced the same way.
The easiest way to get her to survive is to go full magic build with 60 int, use Great heavy soul arrow and spam it from near the door way, he dies pretty quickly since he's a demon and she never runs in to die like the tardlord she is.
freak hell.... I entered the boss and obliterated the hell out of that newby wihtout calling this phantom... any way I can get those items still???
Cuculus is cuckoo in Latin and Corno is cuck in Portuguese. This hints that either Cuculus children were nurtured by stepfather Cornyx or his wife/husband cheated on him with Cuculus.
Wow some say this is ez but not if you are using a pyro build lt will beat the crap out of ya...dps ahhh good thing toxic mist deals heaven and watch this guy take tons of dmg
Fun fact: she can't comprehend how to climb the ladder near the ballista.
I thought this was a player and didn't want to bother them with my stupidity. I can't get those items anymore until ng+ can I?