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Is this the canon armor set?
It's the armor set used most in all the trailers, so I would say yes.
I'm so sorry Elite Knight Set, you were my baby for 2 games, but this set beat you.

Knight Set > Elite Knight Set > Alva Set
Was my first set due to my class. Still wearing it in ng+3. Along with the long sword and the knight shield.
the only starting set you can't find lying around in game levels. you have to buy it.
Nope. The Assassin set is bought fron Greirat.
yep, true. ı forgot that because ı've never used *** set.
Anybody else think this looks like the Fluted set from demon souls
Nameless Knight Set, Heral Set and this are the most fashionable armor in the game... Sadly my favourite was Elite Knight Set but its look fatty

Lothric Knight Set is sexy but heavy as hell
Half ways through and still wearing most of it. Like the vagabond, realistic, lived in look. Found cool heavier/lighter sets but still the best all around for my bro.
It looks insanely cool with the Lothric Knight Leggings
So the Firelink set is used for most of the game's artwork and advertisement, but this is fanon... which set do you guys prefer?

I always use the "canon" armor set with a claymore, a secondary UGS and the highest stability medium shield I can get.

So that should answer your question. :D

But I think I have seen this too for some advertisement.

Anyways, I love the Firelink Set for the lore behind the Boss. I can kinda see my own DS1 character in the boss. :)

For sheer utility, I think the knight set is better. It is the strongest armor that is somewhat armor/weight efficient (Heavy armor is kinda useless) and it offers decent poise in case you want to use an UGS poise through attacks in pvp.
Both are equally significant because while the FL set on the box art and most of the artwork, it was a decision they made because Miyazaki created the set for the Soul of Cinder to wear. But on the other hand, the Knight Set is the default armor of the Knight Class, which you get from the start, while the FL set is obtained only right before NG+. So really whichever you want.
why are the seperate armor images of the set so low quality?
I really wanted a clean, full-plate medieval armor set like you see in the museums. Something that a real knight would have worn in the past. The helmet, gauntlets, chestplate, and leg/foot armor are just right, but the hobo pants, scarf, tattered rags, and asymmetrical leather pauldron just killed it. Sure theres drakeblood and lothric knight but the proportions on those sets are just way off
The look of this one is meant to give the impression the wearer was a low-ranking, wondering knight. Likely had the pants and scarf as protection against elements and removed the metal pauldron from his sword arm for better flexibility and some cut weight. I like that it has character and feels well-used rather than just being something a nameless rank-and-file type would be wearing


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There's also the part at the start of the game where you rise out of a grave. Being in a shoddy stone sarcophagus for untold centuries tends to be bad for clothing.
Um... medieval knights didn't wear full plate, it was invented a long time later. Medieval knights wore chainmail or, if they were noble, reinforced chainmail.
The asymmetrical pauldrons is a real thing with some historical armors. and they mainly were on the side of the armor that the shield was used on and which side does the game allow you to use shields on? the left side which is where the plated shoulder is. Also going along with another's comment to this comment the asymmetrical pauldrons could be for flexibility since swinging around a sword does need flexibility or you wont be able to do some moves correctly. Also the clothing could be from the status of the wearier since it does say that it was for a lowly knight which meant that they wouldn't be able to fully get the armor done so they put clothing there as well to maybe keep out the weather like another person said. Also when you think about it all armor sets in dark souls are extremely old at least in the sense of when the game takes place so of course not all armors are going to be at their peak just look at the old knight set that you get in heide's tower in ds2 it is extremely old. So I say that from software actually did a good job with this armor set.
Asymmetrical pauldrons were never worn outside of tournaments in real life. They were made assymetrical because in tournaments where two knights were charging with couched lance at each other, the arm and body position were rigid. the very opposite of your flexibility reasoning. In reality, because of of hand grip changes, to retain flexibility on foot you would want pauldrons to be symmetrical, anything else is just weeaboo and dnd fantasy reasoning.
The Lothric Knight set has proportions that make sense, it just has holes in some of the chainmail.
Imagine being as autistic as this guy.
If you aren't a fan of the lived-in look of the armor, just replace the chest piece with herald's, nameless knight, or elite knight