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In the intro of this walk through it is said that Curseward Greatshield is good against getting cursed. As i understand it, the Curseward Greatshield doesn't give you any resistance against getting cursed
Q&A time: I’m not sure why this is happening, but I’ve advanced past this miserable swampy phuckpit into an amazingly large cathedral with two giants inside (the outside patrolled by zombies) ... so whyyyyy do I continue to be agressivley “summoned” to another world to fight PVP??? It is extremely agressive summoning, like summon after summon after summon... reallllllllly bothersome! Why does that happen?
You Found What We Call Gankers,A Species Of Dark Souls Players That Are Cowards And Only Fight With Phantoms
Did you equip the covenant from the wolf? The Watchdogs of Farron or whatever it's called? If so, you'll constantly be summoned to kill players going through Farron Keep, I believe.
The spell Great Magic Weapon doesn't work on weapons that appear to already be enhanced. It's enraging, the only ones that would use that are caster-builds who need as much help as they can get dealing damage, and those who just want to maximize buff on top of buff and probably aren't built for anything else (including dodging). Why From Software would make this decision is beyond me.
It's always been like that
Why would it lol?
Great Magic Weapon is substantially stronger than a regular crystal weapon, but at the cost of lasting for only several seconds. That's the way it's balanced; you either buff a rudimentary weapon for burst damage, or infuse it, so it can scale with intelligence.
Raw weapons can be buffed to devastating effect.
The map doesn't show the Wolf Ring +1 just outside the room of the Ruins bonfire to the north. Does this only show New Game and no New Game+ or was it simply missed?
"their set" should link to
It should say after "to"
Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee whatever
map is missing Sage's Coal