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Is like an ancient thor weapon.
I've experimented with this low durability and put in 3 -65% durability cursed gems on it and broke during a fight against a single undead giant...
FRC Loran dskffdu5 - L1 Fading Lake, L2 Stunning Deep Sea, L3 Lost Beast Claw, L4 Uncanny Burial Blade and Lost Tonitrus. Ritual materials: 20 Ritual Blood 5, 12 Tomb Mould 5, 24 Blooming Flowers, 10 Bastards of Loran and 4 Red Jelly. Bosses: Beast-possessed Soul, Undead Giant (chains), Loran Darkbeast and Aamygdala.
Has anyone paired this with a fire gem? I have and have noticed it does nice against other bosses as well. Anyone els?
I got this weapon early by accident, got killed by a weirdo enemy in the grand cathedral... Im lv 27!


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Thunderstruck! Seriously once I get this weapon (earlier then I should have, thank you snatchers) I rarely put it down.
Can confirm the full health damage display glitch has yet to be patched.
is this weapon glitched or something im *****ing annihilating everything in 3 hits when i apply the buff
Me to
God damn for real. The damage on this thing is insane after getting buffed and using the right blood gems
Ill bet Archibald created this weapon by looking at a bowling ball thinking "lol imagine if that were on a stick... That also electrocuted people"
Probably the most denigrated weapon in the game. The durability is low, and it's kinda boring compared to the other weapons. But it's decent, IMO. I like simplicity.