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Xbox one GT: B Friendy. Hapy to help in exchange for any other covenant rewards. I only need the shackles.
Darkraven2011 add me I'm trying to unlock all spells and stuff so more than happy to help if you help me as well
Add me epixstoner we can help each other
can anyone help me farm these?? PSN mikel_escorpio
I need help and will help ppl get any cov.. items on Xbox gt: darkraven2011
I got you. My GT is: Robert6x5 , I'll add you.


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Looking to farm these. Will scratch your back if you scratch mine. PSN: rookbeast27
PSN: Avious Time: Central Looking to farm these.
Looking to farm, PC Steam: MADS3 (ape with glasses profile pic)
Need help farming these if anyone is game. PSN StylzOne
I'll help you farm if you help ne
This item does NOT have drop rate of 3%. At 465 item discovery I have killed 100 skeletons and have not gotten a single vertebra shackle. The drop rate is easily below 1%. I've been farming this item for seven hours today and have gotten a whopping four vertebra shackles. Definitely less than 1% drop rate.
Try invading it's much faster even if your only an average player
If anyone needs help farming these, add me on Steam: Moonlit Vegas
i have send you a request
Looking to farm these on PS4. SL100ish. PSN the_glynne