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Coming to pc when?
Pretty sure it's PS4 exclusive
is it sure the event is ps4 exclusive?
It's also available on the XBox, but I don't know if if it's on PC
sometime next year.
1:Behemoth is not use storm when someone is being targeted 2:flashbomb can be release target 3:must Strengthen armor 4:phase2 is summon only 3comets phase3 is summon only 4comets phase4 is summon only 2comets if you destroyed all comets, when E.meteo you can avoidance only FF jump 5: must need skills are Helth boost LV3,Stun resist LV3 and Wide-range LV5. 6:I'm jp.
Does anybody know if him regaining health affects the damage to certain parts/breaking?
Add me on ps4 alucard_asura_69 I'm a healer looking for a team
Dude!!! I finally beat him the other day. Will probably never play again ahah got everything. Not even fun to play to be honest. Luckily the gear was all worth it.
Regarding avoiding the Ecliptic Meteor using the Dragoon Jump Gesture I've never had it work by using it last second/just before impact. Not me once, or any of my friends. What I've discovered to work more consistently, I can best describe as, "Look up, into the air where the Ecliptic Meteor will emerge from the portal. Execute the Dragoon Jump the moments between when the Meteor is a 1/3 to fully revealed." I find that the exact timing may change slightly depending on elevation, and found difficulty completing it using this method in the spikey-crystal area where Nergigante typically spawns. It could be me just getting nervous, a tendency of my incompetence, but still it remains the only case where my described timing doesn't succeed 100% for me.
Correction: Did some hunts (and failed) today. Feels more like 2/3 to fully revealed Definitely isn't last second though
It would be useful to note that 5 dragon pod hits draws emnity regardless of where you hit him
Will the behemoth return after the end date for the event?
If it is like Kulve Taroth, then it's highly possible.
Behemoth in mhw has been made permanent just like rathalos in ffxiv
***** this console-only bull*****we got ripped. Bad.
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So I seem to have an unpopular opinion, but I actually really like this hunt. Now I'm not a FF (too much drama) so my opinion is solely based on my MH experience. I've easily played collectively over 2k hours of MHW, 3U, and 4U and this hunt is unlike any other. I think the issue that a lot of people are having is with the role system. That is, that people are under utilizing being a healer, tank, etc. Everyone seems to want to make this a dps fest, which is no ones fault because that's all the game has been up to this point. My point I'm trying to make it that this fight doesn't break the "you can use anything you want rule" because you can use whatever you want, but if the thing you like is good for tanking or healing you should probably do just that. Honestly, taking up a healer role is thrilling because it cuts down on mat usage for your party and makes it harder for your group to fail. If you're a tank you don't have time to heal leaving it up to your healer. Heck just taking up one of these roles can lead to victory (excluding tempered behemoth).
For an "experienced player" you are surpringsingly ignorant when it comes the random match making system. If I had teammates I could communicate with and plan this mission beforehand than it wouldn't had been a problem in the first place! Many people played multiplayer for the first time just for this event! Do you understand what that means?
I also enjoyed the fight, but I didn't touch random multiplayer like the other reply talked about and played with friends instead. To anyone who says they don't have friends to play with, join a MHW discord. Many youtubers would love to have more members in their community.
Nothing's saying you CAN'T communicate with them. There is a chat system. "Many people played MP for the first time just for this event" You got numbers or citation for that or are you just pulling that out your ***?
I personally don't have any numbers about of all monsters I'm gonna agree with that other anon. Of all the monsters in this game Behemoth in my top 2 of ***** mother*****ers I would want team up for. Oh and the chat system is *** unless you got a keyboard or playing on mic. Sizable amount of players don't play with either.