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why is the magic damage bonus under the fire damage icon?
It equals to 13 levels. Spell parry can parry physical attacks too. What is the downside? Just weight? I mean, especially at high levels and if you don't use any shields and are not dual-wielded, then this is insane. Am I wrong? Never knew such a thing existed in this game.
Low block on every stat but fire low stability its basically an off hand stat booster but honestly woukd rather the stamina regen
Must-have when low-level invading.
Very useful
In my game, this shield doesn't work properly... I don't have the levels bonuses. Maybe there have been a patch or something else who fix/changes that...
Only need to equip the shield to get the effect. No need to worry about getting the proper syats
Do you actually need 20/17 or can you be under both of those requirements by 4?
You can be under the requirements by 4 str and Dex, as the shield boosts it regardless.