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what happens to your character?
they burn to a dying flame
The flame itself is very weak form countinued relighting so it can barelly cover your character.
James the Wizard made the bonfires as well lol
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aldrich link is wrong
eleventy four
All I know is that being part of the flame just looks BADASS!!!
I’m stuck on the abyss watchers, anyone got any advise?
when they finish a combo smoke appears to show it's finished so this is a good time to role behind and backstab them
Try sumoning black hand gotthard
The ign and frextralite youtube videos are very helpful.
You can stun lock them with the greatswords heavy
Fightincowboy has good tutorials on youtube
I did it with a bow just locked camera and dodged attacks and afte dodge shoot one arrow when there is a space. Range managment is important, you are too far and he just dodge arrows you are too close you get hit.
The Main Abyss Watcher will target you and only you unless another abyss watcher awakens, at that point get as far away from both as you can and then they will attack each other, when the main abyss watcher uses his main dash attack finishing with a heavy attack, make sure you lock on and use a reinforced weapon with the golden resin and use a charged heavy attack, most of his attacks are pretty easy to dodge, just make sure you have a fair amount of stamina and health then your set.
Git Gud