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a bit unfair weapon with darkmoon blade, but quite nice poise machine with lightning or crystal infusions.. pick warrior and either int or faith. with int you can use the +10 magic crown and clutch to get nice bonus. try on sl30 to sl60. higher level moonlight gs or sword of judgement will get better results, but not if you use darkmoon blade or crystal magic weapon thou
This sword just destroys lothric and lorian, even in ng+2...Just a tip, if they're giving you trouble.
Im try ng+5
it gets b faith scaling with blessed
Why did the drakeblood's stop at just physical, magic, and lighting....Why not just through In everything else In with It along with It, while you're at It maybe some "S" scaling with It as well.
yeah and dont forget to give it twin princes WA but it one shots.
Mmmmmm.... I can taste the salt.
Wow It really did seem like I'm salty about this weapon and I probably should have worded It better, I was joking around with how much elemental damage this weapon has but I can't deny this weapon Isn't amazing I don't use It since I'm trash with greatswords.
Split AR is underrated, while its not as potent as pure damage, this thing ripostes as well as a dagger, albeit with a little more investment.
I get the thunder but why the magic dfq ?
... because magic dmg is part of the base damage ?
It was like this in Ds2, therefore i guess?
Dragonkind are also a bit weak to magic (except for Seath)
Probably the best weapon for blessed infusion. 600 damage with 60 faith and base str/dex requirement.
still decent even considering it's split damage
it gets even more dmg with a proper dark build sitting on 705AR twohanded
yeah, 4 times split damage, great idea lol
Lothric Knight Greatsword says hello.
But the LKGS is sooo slow >.<
for a quality it has 600 ar when refined at +10. Then you can buff it with gold pine bundle/lightning blade/darkmoon blade/crystal magic weapon and it will get 700-730 ar
This weapon is a beast I have 40 strength (45 if you include knight ring) and I buff it with either blessed weapon or lighting resin or bundles and im getting 1400 repoiste damage and around 750 damage for 2 swings not two handed it destroys. Im at sl 80
At 50/50 Int/Fth a +10 Chaos/Dark infused Drakeblood Greatsword only has an AR of 115 (71+44) each for both magic and lightning, which is 27 less than if you had left it uninfused (and therefore buffable). The Fire/Dark AR will be 334 (139+195).