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Is he in love with Irina?



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No, fanfiction aside, the only reason he takes care of Irina is because that's what the knights of his order do. They are like the old stereotype that a knight's only purpose is to protect a princess (in this case, just a lady).
It's clear that he cares for her, despite being cold and mocks her as he talks to you, as is obvious with saying her name as he dies. It's left pretty open for interpretation as to whether he loves her or just has a deep connection to her, whether it be out of duty, affection or both.

It's one of those NPC stories that leave it open just enough for you to decide for yourself whether he's just following his duty or he cares much more deeply for her. Personally, I prefer to interpret it as he grew to care more for Irina, perhaps not love her, but something that could have grown to be love one day, or a feeling he has tried to suppress so it doesn't interfere with his duty.
He don't love her, he just loves her doggy-style.



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He is not in love with her. He is simply protecting her because she is frail and weak


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A knight doesn't have to love a lady to protect her with his life if gets ordered to do so. It's an honor thing.
He's the ****' boss
Eygon is a good example of great unwritten writing in games (games can't force the player into a story, the player creates the story, but games can provide options for the player to tell their own story. These options are what I call unwritten writing, because as a developer you don't write dialogue or cutscenes for them):

Yesterday I had a bad day, so I decided to play Darksouls.
Eygon pissed me off and I didn't know if I could get his weapons later in the game, so I've killed him.
Then I had a giant club to squash my enemies, which always feels good, especially in darksouls.

So despite taking away from the written story (killing Eygon), I got great story out of it (squashing enemies with a club on a bad day).
Instead of prasing incredibly dull and lazy pieces of dialogue as "great storywriting", go and explore more interesting genres. You'll do yourself a favor having fun with actual stories and you'll notice how barebones whatever the heck this thing has as an excuse for the events of the game.
Its "great storywriting" because all of it flows together seamlessly and has link to past games. It does not matter how it is implemented into the game all that matters is how well written it is and Dark Souls 3 has a very well written story. Personally I like the how the story is done is Dark Souls, because there are people who do not care for story at all. But for the people who do like story it is in an underlying layer of the game.
I notice how you haven't listed any more 'interesting genres'.



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Another kiddie looking for his cookie cutter story. Go back COD and leave the Souls games to us grownups...!
Souls has no place for the Casual begone
if I've finished the game twice as a 13 year old and I'm not a casual what does this make this person?
Someone who isn't intrested in the Dark Souls story, just because you skip through all dialouge doesn't make you a casual
it’s a pretty vast flowing universe they’re created. This series is not about cut scenes...
it's more about the pieces that are missing or only hinted what makes this thing so damn interesting. There are secrets in this game nobody else has ever discovered.
Who gives a***** its an RPG boys, story doesnt matter
anyone couldve beaten this game at a young age. all those fudging bonfires are everywhere and basically makes the game super ez compared to the others. (Im saying ds2 is harder bcuz of the bad mechs)
Or you could get off this wiki if you hate the game so much
Look at all those dislikes...


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Does he drop anything when he is fond dead in Irina's cell?
his hammer and shield its extremely heavy though
Hey i attacked him in undead settlement , but he killed me and now he isnt where he was before, what am j supposed to do ? Plz help
Go to the statue of velka and pay 1000 souls and then he will forgive you
Eygon hits pretty hard when you summon him, but goddamn you have to damn near bribe him to get him to wing his stupid giant club or run anywhere close to the boss. Circle him with the boss and tow and try to trick the boss into aggroing on him, otherwise he's just useless.
BRUH I summoned him for the Crystal Sage bossfight. God damn he pissed me off even more than the boss fight itself. He kept swinging where the Sage teleported from, without never actually landing a hit on the boss. I was so mad
he died protecting me from the crystal ye bruh.
He is the most useless peice of*****
Just summoned him (and Sirris) for DArmour. He was getting stomped for a while, but I thought he did pretty well, almost as aggressive as I was and I was perseverance face tanking. He had no problem attacking, though he kept missing his WA, somehow...
He can be an useful decoy against sage but if you are good enough at dodging he is going to actually make sage harder . On the other hand ive seen him stagger the Dragonslayer more than enough times . Tough chunky boi .
He showed up in firelink, I never attacked him. When I went to Lothric Castle and back to firelink he was gone



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I killed him in my SL1 run for souls but be dropped way less than I thought he would. oh well
I honestly think Morne was a gargoyle guardian of the witch that later became known as "Caitha", the goddes of tears. They covered that up with the stone armor and that beast beeing a saint later. (or Morne became a gargoyle...if that is possible in the DS universe)
Morne has something to do with the Archbishop of Carim. Read the Items.