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300 souls!?!? that's insane, who do you think I am, bill gates!?
yeah right? I only have 140 after beating the endboss iudex gundyr
i think its **** funny as all hell that you can 1 shot people if you riposte someone
If I have a strength/Dex build which infusion is best?
Dark/Chaos infusion
Lightning/Raw infusion
Running a dex/fth build. SL 200, 16/50/60. Blessed gets an S scaling in faith, but everyone goes on about how good the chaos infusion is. Should I go blessed or chaos? With my current stats I dont see how the chaos infusion would outdamage a blessed infusion. Any thoughts?
in your case, blessed or even better lightning would outdamage chaos,, but when played on a 40/40/40 dex/int/faith build you get crazy high numbers with chaos
Haha. They nerfed the Crow Quills and the Mailbreaker for you have this. Oh FromSoftware, you will never learn.



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Know what would be good? If weapon innate critical and critical multiplier were shown as their product, or however they're calculated together, with one critical value. That way we could see that the chaos dagger had x critical while the heavy blacksmith hammer had y. I don't understand why they made it a hidden value.
I think i have an idea for what the highest crit damage possible without hacking the ar, Dark dagger+10,Max level,Sacred oath from a summon and a enemy,Lothric war banner, Rtsr, Morian's blade buff, Dragon torso stone roar, hornet ring, dark clutch ring,Pontiff right eye ring(Fully charged),Power within and force casting/tumblebuff with Darkmoon blade and parry and crit a dark phantom with the lowest absorption possible at around -200%+ . This is possibly the highest crit damage in the game, either that or Dark lothric greatsword and replacing the right eye ring with lightning clutch ring and all the other stuff.
I estimate that the resulting damage will be somewhere between 5K-10K damage on the main hit
If im not mistaken there is something weird going on with critical attacks and dark damage, resulting in lower damage. A chaos infusion would be better, since scaling would be the same and damage isnt lower with fire damage. (hence why a lot of people use fire/chaos infused daggers)
+4 deep dagger one-shots the black knight on a reposts but not back stabs on NG
Stats won't matter because of no scaling
Git gud with this and you'll have dark souls prepare to be god edition



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If I have 60 Str and 60 Dex, is sharp or refined better for 1 shot parries?
I have the same question but I think its not either of those, I think its fire or something.
sharp for the 6 more AR before critical
Chaos from my experience is best