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On Definitive Edition, inspecting the altars now adds a lore entry called The Eternal Promise.
Also awakening the heroes at the graveyard adds to to the same lore
Definitive: The three altars all add entries to "The Eternal Promise", which I already had in my log as a Chronicle from Ft. Joy, iirc. There is an entry about Zaleskar under this heading. Contrary to other posts, despite having a similar message this had nothing to do with scarecrows, and no Source points are refilled by using the altars.
In Definitive Edition, interacting with each altar for the first time and praying there WILL refill one source point for the character doing the praying. Then again, that might be a specific thing for Fane, as I used him to interact with them.
Same. Tried with other members in my party and it said its waiting for someone else, so it's either Fane only or main char only.
I used a custom human char and it gave me a source point. Only tried it on one altar by the deer.
for some reason, the advocate on the bloodmoon island took a part in the fight (while not being able to do anything), and when I came back to him, I had to give him 3k gold in order to get back to his favors.