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Fun fact: at the beginning of the DLC, the snow and the wind are going in almost opposites directions.
There is no way sister friede is a boos a level 70 player is ment to defeat. I died more times against her than I did against all other bosses combined (several times over) and I was level 113
Ya, i just did it for 1st time at lvl 90. Had to summon help in addition to Slave Knight Gael... otherwise, I could only get halfaay thru 2nf phase before dying and the 3rd was the hardest!
So what you're saying is I shouldn't walk through that door at lvl 50 like I planned to?
Here's a nice set of tree roots for you to carefully climb down. . . but don't be too slow about it, otherwise you'll get thrown off by one of 3 exploding arrow archers. . . Great fun.
It's actually easy if you're smart about it...
Right after picking up the slave set, they're 3 gold coins... not regular ones.
I just typed two paragraphs and it vanished when i turned off my BT keyboard.... so here's two hints. Use headphones on phase one, find her when she she invisible and nail her. Phase 3, if gael's still alive, pelt her with dark arrows till gael dies.
This dlc is generally very hard for melee. I once did it with my melee level 108 very very bad. Then second time woth my pyro at 102 is such a breeze. Even the boss. I was happy I got onyx blade. But then everything is dark resistance in ringed coty so back to my chaos sword I guess.
If you have the requirement dex, you could pick up a bow and cheese them out. The terrain is really difficult for melee, I agree on that


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Stepped out of the Millwood Knight Tower after clearing it and shot an arrow at each of the wolves lying on the slope to the right to try and pick them off individually. Every single one jumped up and promptly clipped through the ground and died. OK then.
Naming this after the fictional town in Frozen (2013) is an interesting move, guess someone at FromSoft really liked the film.
It isn't named after what you think it is.
You know it's named after The Painted World of Ariamis in Dark Souls 1 which was before the film.
You forgot about this one corvian NPC in the cave that you start in.
You're missing a dark gem in the Corvian settlement; it's in the house closest to the graveyard gate. Instead of taking the small alleyway between the two houses, simply wrap around the house on the left going the other way, there's a very short drop and you'll enter it to find two flies guarding a dark gem.