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Whoever wrote this is an idiot
I've been wondering:What's up with that red crystal lizard? it doesn't flee or aggro, it just kinda sits there.
Don't go near it, it explodes.
Doh, I don't know if it's related, but here is my story. I sniped it with a soul spear. I went for a drop, suddenly stupid small basilisk. Proceed - i got invaded by master cross/bowman or sth like this (npc). The lizard actually dropped nothing! Near it is a door when you can summon bashful ray npc btw.
update: i think it's not related, npc was Bowman Guthry and he simply attacks in this area. Anyway - red lizard seems to drop nothing and I guess explodes as the other guy said.
How do I move on to the next area from here?
The enemy list is incorrect, it shows the Aldia's Keep enemies.
Ummm....I didn't had any Pate or Creighton battle where I had to choose one or the other...and thus I do not have the key to open the doors that were behind the sand blocked doors. I am playing of course the SOTFS. Can someone tell me whether this is a bug of sort, or I didn't do something that was required to trigger it? because no other NPC's have been in this game besides that merchant with spiders.
did you exhaust their dialogue at both places they met at?
It's clear that you've written this based solely on SotFS, and have ignored any content in the version released prior to that. You need to leave a disclaimer that states that.
there is. at the very top. there's a button. that says PS4/X1/Dx11 with another that says PS3/360/Dx9. Maybe you should take a second look before making complaints such as these.
Some troll invaded me and made me kill Pate using him as human shield. That messed up my whole sidequest
Surprisingly decent followup to Doors of Pharos. This is another rather fun level with encounters you can properly pull, rather resilient enemies, hordes made of enemies meant to be in a horde, and it rewards being observant and methodic. Shaded Woods are pretty much the worst bit of this route.
Not mentioned on this walkthrough, but spiders will flee if you hold a torch, making 80% of this level an absolute cakewalk and an amazing soul farming spot (sotfs)
How would I get to the third bonfire