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Kinda wish it was just Fire Orb but dealing different damage type. Don't want throwing weird black balls at enemy, but normal Fire Orb is kinda weak and Great Chaos Fire Orb takes damn two slots and costs*****load of FP
So the only reason you aren’t using it is color? *applause ensues*
You speak like a fool
kinda sad they didn't add a black flame catalyst to support the black pyromancies, I mean hell even miracles get ones that scale better with the hexes
That would by stupid, and contradict the whole Dark souls lore with spells. Catalysts and Staves fuse sorcery, Pyro hands use pyromancys, Chime and Talismans for miracles. Thats how it's always been, to make an exception would start a big controversy... now we don't need that don't we?
there is actually, witch hair talisman, it casts miracles and pyros (its better with dark ones too)
We not gonna talk about the shield break and heavy knock back?
Pair with black flame and black Serpent for extra fun, you have this to put pressure, black flame if they get to close and you can summon a black serpent and hit them with this while they try to escape, assuming they dont get hit by that monster
This makes the Ringed City Knights a piece of cake
Does around 700 damage to enemies with average dark resistance at 40/40 and great swamp + witch ring. You can pump it up to around 1000 with dark clutch and blindfold ring and even further with sacred oath and power within