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Whenever I look at the boss on the wiki, I start to tilt. I was easily getting to the second phase, but I decided to come here to look for strats. Now I’m getting hit by every attack.
Gigantic difficulty wall for SL1 run. You die easy in 2 hits, which she spam stupid fast. Her movement is nonsensical and the timing all over the place. Way too much RNG. She just seem to make your dodge roll not work as you hit dodge, your thumb is in the air before a hit land and you just get hit. In second phase, you can dodge one hit and get insta hit by another. You can forget about blocking. Of course the camera is terrible, sometimes you can't quite see what the boss is doing, it needs higher field of view, it's a farce that I even have to mention this and professional devs don't understand.
This boss made me quit SL1 for ds3. Pontiff was tough but dancer at SL1 is absurd. Some of her follow ups just seem instant and they one shot you at that level, even with LSR. It’s straight up unfair, even though normally she’s quite easy.
This may sound crazy, but it's possible that the developers didn't intend for this late-game boss to be defeated at SL1.
You could summon someone to help. They get reduced to SL1 abilities. Dancer gets tougher to make up for it. I don't think there's any shame in it if you really want the show to go on.
", even though normally she’s quite easy" no, actually she's at the high end of difficulty when it comes to meleeing bosses, but if it makes you feel elitist to say it, then sure, say she's easy. If you use spells, then sure she's one of the easy ones, takes less than 15 seconds for me to kill her with dark with my main who is currently on journey 62. nameless is another one of the easiest if you use dark or magic against him, dying in seconds. For combat, dancer is very unpredictable, leaving you not knowing where to dodge or block.
She actually has a timing for her attacks, I forgot what it was but I think it's like on the off beat of the song? Or something like that :p
id bang her anytime 24/7
Agreed brother
Dark Souls 3 is a great game, too bad it's more bloodborne than dark souls.
Chaos Bed Vestiges on a +6 Pyro flame (buffed with Saint-Tree Bellvine for attack speed) with Great Swamp + Witch's + Lloyd's rings for damage actually melted Dancer. I was having so much trouble before with GCFO and others to beat it. Just roll away for phase one and for phase two go to the pillars so the Dancer gets stuck spinning. Otherwise you're in for a blender of pain. When you have the chance, use CBV for high damage (400ish, you could probably get more with Dark Fire Orb but with no access to Karla I was pretty bummed). Chaos Bed Vestiges is transposed from Old Demon King, just spam arrows at him and you'll be fine.
She's pretty easy with any ranged attack of relevant caliber really. Just stick behind the columns and pop shots when it's safe. Chaos Bed Vestiges, Great Soul Dregs and such just speed up the process immensely.
I have done it with the arlabest xbow. It's fun.
Praise the booty!
Damn I’d hit that


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All hail the Mighty Dancer!
I just barely beat her with the +7 handmaid dagger and dragon torso stone
ya im doing a dagger only run and i'll tell ya this boss is not something to underestimate because you can't parry her I have to get my friend to help me. He has a pyromancer build that's the only way I was able to beat her with the dagger.
So... you didn't beat her. Since you needed somebody else to do the majority of the work for you.
I killed her at like SL37 in like 4 tries in a dagger only playtrough, it’s completely possible. And of course u didn’t beat her, ur friend did.
yeah...that doesn't make any sense if you say you beat her by having your friend do it for you. Is that really how you think?