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1 agility =artificial difficulty
2 it is only there to weaken early game players
3 praise the sun
Or you could just get at least 92 agility and never worry about it again......
Seriously i feel like half the people complaining about it never level it on purpose just to complain about it.
1. I do not view agility as artificial difficulty, it is a real game mechanic that makes sense to me.
2. Git Gud.
Learn what artificial difficulty means before spreading it's incorrect meaning. It's a stat encompassed by a core mechanic. Which EVERY RPG game has. If DeS or DS1 had agility you wouldn't think anything of it, you would level it and shut your mouth. Adjust to change you sun praising scumbro.
I love the butthurt DS1 fanboys. They can't just strip naked and become untouchable anymore, and it never ceases to make the twinks fly into a rage. It's just like when others of their ilk play DS3 and piss and moan about not being able to poise through everything. I guess free backstabs equals 'skill' to DS1 players?
From soft should’ve changed your roll to a flip at high agility.
They should've scrapped the ADP system, but whatever...
Basically a crutch for those who can't learn dodge timings.
I mean to some extent, but it needs to be levelled up at least somewhat so DaS2's broken hitboxed fon't wreck perfectly good dodges
AKA: git gud
What a pretentious stupid comment
Not really, because in DS1 you have 13 Invincibility Frames when fast rolling, but in DS2 if you don't level agility then you only have THREE for your fast roll. Even if you level agility to its ABSOLUTE maximum you get 16 Invincibility Frames which is barely more than what you START with in DS1. That also doesn't take into account the fact that enemies are much more erratic and quick in DS2, meaning you REALLY want more Invincibility Frames.
Only need 1 frame ez
My advice to anyone struggling with starting iframes: get out before the swing comes. After you land a hit or two, make some distance before the enemy's attack comes in. I know this isn't always doable, but playing cautious at the start, then going more agressive later on, is a totally viable (and recommended) strat. Not every encounter has to be balls to the wall combat, with trying to dodge through hits. If you go for a heavier build, then you can probably block it and tank the damage, rather than take the full force for a failed roll. What I personally did, was learn to parry. I wouldn't recommend the parry strat to a new player though, as it can be hard to get a grasp on.

TL;DR Just back off whenever you can, or block the hit.
shield or die wihtout any agility. And stop pls giving flawed wont help those poor souls when they face a boss relentlessly hacking away at them. Or is your solution then get 2 helpers? Let others play your game? just go away...
wait what is there invincibility frames on rolls in dark souls 2? because i don't *****ing have any even if i dodge perfectly
they say dark souls 2 is the easiest of the 3 games. and there you have it, learn to do something properly that should be done by the game itself, but no, we have to add a stat that would affect your i-frames and you would as a begginer, had to perfectly time your rolls to not suck like a total loser.
Does carry weight have an effect on iframes in DS2? I know it increases roll distance, but tbh with how I play it isn't really necessary for me to roll further (when I play melee).
no only the agility stat increases I-frames
I don't see the sweat behind this stat... I've gotten by on 86 Agility just by relying on timing my blocks and careful spacing to avoid damage, and I've got my magic resistance pretty high, and I don't even need a Greatshield or Heavy Armor to endure most things. Sure, it is HELL at first, but it's just like learning a different playstyle.
"Like learning a different playstyle" No,it's being forced into playing a tanky build unless you spend at least 20 points into ADP.
To everyone who disliked this comment: git gud Also try to understand how this stat factors into a RPG game, picking either high VIT or high ADP or balancing them for your build can give different benefits to different situations. also git gud