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Who was the genius that thought it a good idea to make certain gestures dependent upon summoning NPC phantoms - especially when it fails another NPC's quest? Of all the moronic things in DS3 (don't even get me started on Anor Londo's invisible walkway, getting to Arch-dragon Peak, Anri/Horace's questline, and backtracking under certain conditions to clandestine areas for hidden equipment/rings - these are just a few of my complaints), this is possibly the worst. It might in theory intertwine the player's actions to cause different outcomes in the world, but it in application it results as being cryptic, trivial, and menial to the extent of requiring a damned walkthrough and several subsequent play-throughs to fulfill - i.e. BAD GAME DEVELOPMENT.

It's f*cking annoying and frustrating, especially if you fail something just because there are only subtle, vague warning signs (that play exclusively on DS1), if any at all, and you don't know any better.
This one is really the only ******* cryptic thing of the things you listed. If you've been invaded in Anor Londo, which is likely, you'll see the fog by Yoshka. Plus, it's the only way you can think of to get to that tower, as well. That's probably the second most cryptic thing of what you listed. Archdragon peak might be tied, but there's a dragon right next to it that's doing the Path of Dragon stance. Sure, it might not be readily apparent, but it has the dragon torso (or is it head?) stone to also give a hint.

Anri's questline is the least confusing out of them all, ESPECIALLY if you explore everywhere like I tend to do. Unless you mean the marriage thing, in which case Yuria literally tells you where to go, iirc. If you mean killing Horace, you don't even have to tell her that the lake exists and s/he'll move on safely, which is likely the thing that'll happen to most players the first time through. I didn't even know Horace could kill Anri until I looked it up because I've literally never had that happen.

Also, isn't this and Anri's questline the only two things that have different outcmoes if you do different things? I.E. either having Anri die for Yuria's amusement or succeeding in killing Aldritch with Anri, and that's more important than a simple bow. Honestly, this being the most cryptic thing isn't that bad, as much of everything else can just be discovered through careful exploration, dialogue and cause-and-effect (like certain NPC's leaving or dying at certain bosses). There's honestly plenty of games that do the whole "I didn't know I could get that!" thing a lot worse. And they only did the super-cryptic thing to things unnecessary to beat the game in this one -- you don't NEED archdragon peak to beat the game, and getting a simple bow is really not important to the game either. The only truly game-changing thing is Anri, and even that's not THAT cryptic if you just explore and follow NPC dialogue.

To me, it's fine that there's hidden things. I don't mind being rewarded for exploring, or for trying different things to see what works. But then again, I'm really like that, the type that loves to explore and always find something new that I might not have last time. So maybe I'm just biased.
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@Anonymous The issue with Archdragon Peak for me isn't that you need a gesture, that makes sense it's the random teleportation that happens bringing you there. When you leave from vordts bonfire to undead settlement or demon prince bonfire to the ringed city imps carry you to that location much like they do after beating Iron Golem in Sens Fortress to Anor Londo in dark souls 1 and it's an amazing transition. As far as Heysel gesture is concerned I think it was a bad idea to have that bow tied to her at all, should have had it where she invades you like Alva Seeker of the Spurned, do her bow to you so you learn the gesture and then fight you. Having it where it breaks Sirris Questline is just to me very bad. I get they want to force players into NG+ to get trophies but gestures shouldn't be one of them.
Dark Souls just being Dark Souls. Where even a gesture is difficult. I forced myself to not read wikis till my 3rd playthrough, the "wtf...?" moment when I read the harder secrets had me lul-ing.
I’m surprised that no one has theorized that Heysel is not Heysel, but Heysel’s father, who was so grossly pained by her death that, after abandoning the Legion to partake in a futile attempt to discover a way to bring her back with Oolacile’s sorceries, dedicated himself to Rosaria and used rebirth to BECOME his lost daughter and give her a legacy beyond her creation of the Great Farron Dart sorcery. He was never satisfied with how he made her look, so he wore the Xanthous Crown and rebirthed one too many times in an attempt to recreate her face perfectly.
This is the kind of weird headcanon VaatiVidya would spew.
Lay iff the drugs my dude
what is that arbalest what he use ?
She uses the Light Crossbow
I don’t get the invasion
Ember up
She can be a phantom helper for the abyss watcher, i don't see that in boss guide.
Heysel's summon sign after the Farron Keep Ruins bonfire can only be used once. If they die as a summon and you reset things by resting at a bonfire, the sign won't be there anymore.
You have to port out of the area and back in to reset her summon sign. Same with all NPC summons that get schwacked.
My first few playthroughs I killed the Abyss Watchers before encountering her in Farron Keep. Finally encountered her there on my fourth playthrough... she plays hide-and-seek with the obscuring ring and then tries to cheese you by spamming ranged attacks from the deep swamp (she won't follow you to shallower water or onto land, and every time you venture in to hit her she'll dodge backwards and begin spamming sorceries again.) Suffice to say, I don't feel sorry for murdering her later on in grub form anymore.
But you can make her your friend, summon her, then take her to the crucifixion forest and have her use her dirty tactics on watchdog invaders.
Maybe it was a glitch but she definitely followed me onto land and that's where I beat her
Does giving a tongue for rebirth count towards her becoming friendly? It doenst fail sirris' questline, so probably not, but it might be worth trying?
No, it doesnt. It has to be given to progress the covenant.
Nice, I gave a tonge to rosaria and killed abyss watchers before summoning Heysel. Now I will have to wait to ng++ to do Haysel and Sirris. Dumb modafaquer.
She can and will attack Watchdogs of Farron and other invaders if you stray away from her long enough.
she is very weak though, i suggest summoning hodrick instead, invaders will be surprise by the insane damage he dealt if of course they haven't fought him first.