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one move not listed which he's just OHKO'd me with three times in a row with is a simple overhead slam without an explosion. ive been caught by the mid shaft of his weapon as i try to roll through what i assumed was the sideways swipe magic explosion and each time my health bar just instantly vanishes
This critter must love getting slammed in its doo-doo hole, given how often it pounds its shaft on the ground.
What are you 5?
5 inches deep in your BUM
Does the AOE always hit in the middle of the room ?
I've seen this in different systems but there's an odd glowing r ing that above the demon any idea what it's for or is?
All this ****** does in my game is spam the explosion. He doesn't slam his staff of anything beforehand. Just explosion, explosion, explosion. And it hits me no matter what angle I seem to be at, wether in front behond or to the sides. What the hell?
Directed by Michael Bay
all i do just chillin behind his *** and wait for him to blow the explosion then hit him then he doing the same attack over2 and over again
I realised healing took too much attention, so I embraced low health: Zweihander + Crest Shield + Red Tearstone Ring. I have enough health to survive fall and one Exploding Slam with no armor on. Keep jumping under his legs when he starts charging the explosive slam. Stay back there grinding heavy attacks, he will eventually try to turn around and ground slam, step away and when he stands jump under his leg and repeat. If you get damaged once by the Exploding Slam, you will barely survive, but each attack will deal twice as much damage