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you dont have to kill this guy early game if youre having that much trouble, only if you want to fight the pursuer [which you can also do by climbing the ladder to the raised platform that the firebomber is standing on by the big turtle shelled guy] and when you need to get to the giant's kinship memory
If u cant kill this guy, honestly, uninstall
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the last giant won't appear in NG+ ?
Low adaptability and Company of Champions makes this a really aggravating fight. His arm one shots you, and getting shield broken leaves you vulnerable long enough to get one shotted. His stomps do about 80%, but healing takes so long that there's a chance I'd get hit again.
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Easiest boss in Souls history. Makes Pinwheel look like Super Ornstein by comparison
Easiest boss in the series
this guy is so poo. you just attack his ankles and dodge when he stomps, THATS IT. YOU LITERALLY DONT EVEN NEED TO TAKE A HIT.
bUt ThIs Is ThE gIaNt LoRd. WhAt WoUlD yOu Do If YoU hAvE bEeN lOcKeD aWaY fOr A lOnG tImE?1
The Last Giant... His name doesn't make any sense, really there is two other giant in the black gulch... HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE LAST... MIYAZAKI WHY!!! TELL WHY HAVE YOU DONE THIS!!!!!!
So uhh I’m really confused it seems like my game just won’t let me get summons cause I did everything it said but I still can’t use pate in the fight???? It’s the same for other bosses but still I’m a bit confused
You have to be fully human. If you have hollowed even slightly you have to use a human effigy before you can summon
Or you could help somebody successfully that turns you human as well
If you're in the champion covenant you can't summon phantoms or shades