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 11 can parry... the WA... but why... all you are doing is holding it up in the air to cast lightning... yet they get rid of dragonslayer greataxe WA parry ffs...
This weapon is cancer, you kill nameless king for it and discover that its default dmg, is...... 128..... that is garbage.... and a D scaling in strength bra!!!
it's a spear after all. not a greathammer. the only real problem is the non existing poise. Besides of that I can one combo the stormdrake with it. Good enough for me.
I deal around 850 damage with the weapon art and 400 per hit whilst the buff is active. 26 less damage than the moonlight greatsword.
Thos isn't a strenght weapon tho... it's clearly meant for a miracle caster type of character.
I deal atound 1000 now and 450 per hit whilst the buff is active at 30 strenght, 30 dex, 70 intel and 70 faith.
Btw I'm going to specify I'm not making typos. This chat is. Thos ? Atound ? It changed them once I hit submit, if an admin would look into it that'd be nice.
so basically namess king is an overleveled noob that can't build
This weapon only shines if you use all it can do and you’re smart enough to obey Piccolo and DODGE. Also, works best with the buffs you can get from faith since by then you already have high faith and dex and probably decent strength. By then it is a powerful weapon even without buffs. Then you buff it and buff yourself and maybe also have pyromancy buffing and go to town with its moves.

Also, this website is not an online market, people.
You can't buff a boss weapon, but ok
Damn this guy below me is stupid
After making a build for Dragonslayer Spear in DS1/Remastered and then realizing it is like a 100 SL minimum weapon, I encourage mid level use of this weapon. The lightning damage is minimal, so this is basically a Dex weapon with the lightning weapon art thrown in. I don't know the numbers for the base weapon before buff but to invest in this weapon too heavily for lightning damage is kind of asking for an *** kicking. It does have stats for normal damage before the faith requirement, which is pretty good but of course the weapon art is going to be why you use this weapon. Cheers.



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The interesting thing about this weapon is its dualistic moveset.


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This weapon on dex&faith build is awesome. Has its own buff that can surprise some players and mob is unaware allready. The lightning can kill 60% of the mob instantly on NG and NG+.It deals around 400 to 600 to players depending on their resistances. Its awesome weapon on levels after 100 and high levels with 50 in str,dex and faith it rends bosses and invaders alike. All in all its great weapon. I made my char around it. Added other lightning spells to have more options. I go around and smack everything with lightning. Storm Lord FTW!
So about the strength softcap. When 1h you get more 5 points when you go from 26 to 28 in strength, but when 2h you only get 2 points. So is this a waste of 2 levels or not. I can't decide.
This thing is NOT a powerful weapon early game. Now, i have a knack for being invaded by the most Ganky cancerous players alive and they wield weapons like this at low level. This one player invaded and full R1 spammed, like any player would. Two handed it and i***** you not, didn't even do 200 DMG to me at base level. Mind you i did have like 1300 HP at cathedral OTD level, but that is no excuse. This is just a bad weapon. Completely reinforced. About 330 if your lucky.
If it was doing that low of damage he probably didn't have one of the skill requirements filled, only weapon that pathetic with them all filled is the broken straight sword.
Even i am sure that he would have the minimum reqs for it. I was at level 40 Something? I think, sooo. The stat investment isn't that big for this weapon.
he must have been 80-100 level difference from host if he was scaled down, if not, he probably didnt have the buff on. if he did, you probably wear more armor then most people, and at that level 200 damage is "decent". swordspear doesnt do great damage but with the buff its about as strong as any other spear with lightning blade on it, albeit more poise and better moveset.
"it's not a powerful early game weapon" yeah no***** you get it towards the end for a reason
How does STR scale better at D than FTH at C?