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If I killed *****halla and I'm not a thief how can I get the master key
do new game plus or restart the game, my dude
best starting gift by far


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Best starting gift, because you don't have to go through the entirety of blighttown.
I agree its the best starting gift but if you go off that trail after the blacksmith in the garden there is a cave with a fire and then a elevator that will take you the down to the undead dragon and you can go up to blight town the easier way. Annoying yes, but possible.
Sorry, I'm new to the game, but which door is it that takes you past all of B;ighttown? Is it the one in the depths or the one to New Londo Ruins? Thanks!
I'm pretty sure you can also skip Blighttown by going through the valley of drakes from the Darkroot Basin entrance (although that will obviously be a pain to get back from if you die, but if you rush in, get the normal key and then leave the shortcut is open without the master key)
With New Game Plus - Do you get to pick a Gift again? Or is it the same every time with that one character?


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No you can't choose a gift again.
If I buy it from Domhnall, do I get to keep it in NG+?
Oops took twin humanties oh well if I can handle new game plus i can handle no master key