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One of the best invasion weapons. Stack 40 poise and 40 endurance with this thing, 2 hand it and just go to town on people. Gankers think they are invincible in groups, so they tend to simply mash R1 when they get near you. Just mash R1 right back, poise through everything and presto, phantoms are dead. You can almost hear their cries of disbelief: "B-b-but I pressed R1... I don't understand..."
Pairs decently with the sunset shield for a golden beauty build, well sort of ehehehe...
This badly needs a hyper armor nerf. Easily has more than any other CGS, even Exile. An invader used this and tanked through my UGH swings using only R1 and fairly light armor.
try using the stomp weapon art
they have the same hyperarmor bud, wear better armor