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Does anyone here know if Badbunny is ever going to go back to playing video games?



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what's everyone think of the crow quills nowadays? i've paired it with the claw as a parry tool and it's awesome
to short for my taste and weak on it's own. Buff is mandatory. made once a run with it but wasn't really satisfied. Shields are painful to fight against and since you will only do backflips with this weapon....Let's just say I was much more happy with the irythyl rapier.
If you have 40 int and 40 fth with SL 150 and you dark infuse the quills, then it works very well. at least thats what i did.
How im increase weight and fp
weight by putting points into Vitality or by rings which are increasing the weight limit. FP by putting points into Attunement.
FromSoft saying DS3 will be the last entry is like saying "I can quit whenever I want," and additionally From is bad at actually ending series so I'm going to begin the dark souls 4 hype train early like
who keeps taking my***** down about JOINTED the game on sicari? F**KING PEACE BRAH!
It to easy
good tip for invasions. before you start invading run through ithryl of boreal valley 100 times attract all enemies then once you have them all behind you try to kill them all with Brocken straight sword. do this 100 times and you will be prepared for invading. normally when I invade and I get killed by a team of 3 chasing me down I feel mad but after doing this it feels normal to die to gankers over and over again.