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At +-100sl you can invade a lot of ng+ ppl it almost every area of the game.
guys can i join my friend his on sl 150 but when i summon him in the below say that i cant summon
Its probably due to connection issues. Try using dried finger, it may help
First off, casul summoner, second off: you may need to use a password if you have not already, but otherwise the aforementioned dried finger will probably help out. Also check your connection(s) just to be sure
So, this summon range matching is not based on how many times we completed entire game. Right?
so with my sl50 char with +10 weapons I use for pve (ng+3 etc) it means I can't have a +5 normal upgrade for low/mid level invasions?
I'm sl 10 for invasion, can i go a little higher and still be able to invade at lothric wall?
i imvade currently at sl14 at lothric wall, i find invasions quickly


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