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For all casters, google 'Intelligence kills Soul of Cinder' for guidance and usurpation of the Fire ending
Am I the only one that for some reason can’t fight him he isn’t showing up


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words cannot express how much more difficult I expected this to be. after a couple rounds of feeling him out, i just dusted off my old +6 bleed infiused bandit knife that i abandoned super long ago and bled him to death with almost no issue. dude felt like he shoulda been about mid game somwhere, not the end.
so he can also parry
Honestly, I feel really conflicted about this fight. Its really epic fight, especially after he switches to the Gwyn phase and the music starts playing I was like: HOLY S.H.I.T!!! But on the other hand, it was painfully easy. I did beat him on my first try even while taking so many unnecessary hits and being greedy as hell. For final boss of the series it was really dissapointing as far as difficulty goes. (And no, I really dont consider Gael as the final boss, because for one, he is locked behind a paywall and not part of the base game, and second there is no cutscene, no conclusion or anything of the sort after you beat him.)
Anybody else think that this is one of their favorite bosses or video games characters in your your time of gaming?