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Am pretty sure I have done everything and completed the game, however I can't start new game plus. I defeated the final boss, I don't understand.
Note: I went to the far fire bonfire and there is no option of starting it
Note: I went to the far fire bonfire and there is no option of starting it
so i wanted the ending with me just beating nashandra but aldia poped up after (keep in mind this is my first play thru still)
quite disappointing I might say
Literally one of the easiest bosses
ARE U SERIOUS , When Aldia Camme I Attacked Him Is There Any Way To Not Fight Him As A Bo!!!!!!!!!!!??????????ss
yes, but if you already have him there, he will be there
nvm got an awanser


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On PC during the end credits for some reason if you press "m" on the keyboard and haven't used the menu to rebind it.. you'll hear a shuffling sound like your character is moving around. No other key or controller button press did anything but "m" did for some reason. Totally useless and random information but interesting to know that the game still has you rendered in some form during the entire end credits.
didnt work for me
well pressing M is guard stance by default
I dont have SoTFS, none of the dlcs and aldia showed up as the final boss. Im on ng++ and this never occured before. Can someone pls explain this to me?
It came from Patch 1.10(if you have the PS3,360,DX9 edition). If you beat Vendrick, rekindled all primal bonfires, then after the Nashandra boss fight. He will appear.
I couldn't exit the credits so I went to make myself some tea and when I came back I was in Majula with no souls and very minor hollowing, what the hell? I checked the throne of want and there was no bloodstain anywhere. SotFS
Actually I Alt+F4'd the first time and it put me back into the Throne of Want before the choice, that might be the cause of this bug/"feature". Someone on the internet said that "you shouldn't Alt+F4 during credits if you're doing the No Bonfire/No Death run".
sorry I just defeated the watcher and the defender I don't know what to do now please tell me .
You need the Giant's Kinship to trigger Nashandra's boss fight and end the game. Reread the guide.