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you can also skip capra demon if you have master key to go for the shortcut for blighttown
capra demon is ***
Does anyone know the name of the techno song that plays at the end of the boss guide videos? Fextralife doesn't include it in the description of their videos and I've been looking forever.
Use Shazam?
Found it! Thanks
Is the list in order of which bosses you will fight first?
I hate bed of chaos it sucks balls
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Is that you Anonymous?
It is my love. Oh how I have longed for thy company! Embrace me my dearest Anonymous.
moonlight butterfly isn't hard but it's annoying as ***** anyone can agree
I didn’t think it was annoying. Using ranged attacks it goes down quickly and never hits me because its attacks are telegraphed and predictable.
It's really not.
Seath the Scaleless. More like Seath "take the most annoying path to the most annoying bossfight in the entire game" What a bull***t
Wait so you're saying that the taurus demon is optional but the bell gargoyles aren't? But how can that be you have to kill the taurus demon in order to get there.
If you chose to start with the master key you can go out the door at the bottom of havel's tower in the burg, travel across the basin and garden to andre, and then enter the parish that way without fighting the Taurus demon
wtf man
How do you plan on completing the game without ringing the first bell?
It’s called shortcuts dude
Master key can unlock shortcuts around it. In fact, with the master key you can skip undead burg, lower undead burg, depths and most of blighttown and rush to Gargoyles and Quelagg.
My top favorite/most memorable bosses in order: Gwyn at number one, Smough and Ornstein tied with Bell Gargoyle for second/third, and Quelaag in fourth.