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Quite satisfying to fist her to oblivion with the Dark Hand at low levels. Begone thot!
Despite being weak to both dark and strike, my dark hand was only doing half damage. My Twinblades did just as much damage per double slash and unlike the dark hand, it never whiffed her.
how to beat this boss:
6 castings of Great soul dregs will kill it.
Great Build for beating Dancer before Vordt: Warrior with Life Ring burial gift. Silver Serpent Ring and Blue Tearstone Ring. Get the Deep Battle Axe from the Mimic. Silver Eagle Kite Shield for 100 physical block and Weapon Skill. Collect every titanite Shard, including the ones from both Pus of Man. Farm Lothric Knights if needed. Upgrade Deep Battle Axe to +2 Level Vitality and Endurance. At SL 23, I had 23 Vit and 19 End, which gets you close to 1000HP before Embering. Embering can be used as a final Estus if your attempt is going well. Embers are limited at this point in the game, so I would practice going without them until you're having a good run.
First playthrough: hard. NG+: DESTROYED her with Blood Warden Twinblades+10
I think there's a mistake here. The real boss is the camera, not the Dancer.
My god that is true.
Just think it should be mentioned that she can grab two people with her grab attack, happened to me and a phantom.
Same, me and another phantom. Although she dropped us without doing any damage. I imagine the Host saved us by doing enough damage to her.
I see you have jokes........
Cancer of the boreal valley
That is pontiff...
Pontiff is the master but the student has surpassed the master. LET THE BEYBLADE TOURNAMENT COMMENCE, SPIN LIKE THE FIRE IS FADING.
FINALLY! Beat her at SL1. Took me about 8-9 total hours over 3 days to beat. Needless to say I know Dancer as well as the back of my hand. What I did was Human Pine Resin + Raw Broadsword +7 for phase one, and in phase 2 used a Knight's Crossbow +5 with Lightning Bolts to wittle away at her HP. GL to any other onebros who fight this... thing... in the future.
Also protip: If you lack the Ring of Favor-- Life Ring and the Lloyd's Shield Ring should be enough to survive her running attack in phase one. Stay away from her at all times lest you be hit by her 1-2-poke combo that always kills me.
Hey if you wanna keep playing that SL1 into NG+ and beyond you should definitely check a video called "SL1 Raw VS Fire and Deep Infusion - Dark Souls 3" It shows you why Deep and Fire infusion is better than Raw+pines with the right rings. It's especially good in NG+ when you get a 2nd broad sword and you can have both fire and deep for fire and dark damage :)
I've never been killed by the dancer in my 5 playthroughs but somehow I keep dying sometimes when fighting wolnir wtf
Lmao dying to wolnir ur trash