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Dont be fooled by his looks, he's quite agile. He can quickly climb ledges, jump at you or body-ram even from significant distance. His most powerful attacks are mid to long rage, including deadly fire breath. Stay up close, circle around. Make sure he doesn't have you on a straight line. if you want to distance yourself - use the environment to create obstacles, mind that he can smash trough some of them though.
He leaps with the might of zeus
For such a big fella, he sure can climb. I highly doubted he could the first time I tried to fight him, and I got so scared
i have found fighting him annoying as every time i have him on the point of death the timer runs out, three attempts so far: 1st fainted twice time ran out 2nd&3rd no faints but timer ran out, at this point fighting hims not that hard but i'm unable to kill him within the allotted time, any advice thx
I'd take a look at the element of your weapon and the gear your Palico has equipped. Seems like you aren't putting out enough dps to kill him.
git gud
Great sword is ideal for first attempts. Block and sprint-dodge. If you can time those head on face smacks, he’ll wind back and wimpier like a little biatch. Stay up close or put unsmashable obstacles between you. Also, he can jump and climb. Go for the tail sever once he starts limping - charge attack. Traps and bombs are your friends here, along with might pills/drinks. Get it!
Yeah I'd put unsmashable obstacles between me and him IF HE DIDN'T CLIP RIGHT TROUGH THEM WITH HIS CHARGE AND FIRE ATTACKS
I fight this monster all by myself 5 times. when the damn monster down i use Wyvernfire with the Gunlance+Shield. crazy fight. nevertheless, fun. I am a Shield person. A Spartan who lost his Shield will be punished.
Me and my family call this monster barney and it is fun to take barney out.
Good for you friend
I’m kinda a noob to this, what do Armor and equipment you recommend me to use when taking this thing on, I’ve only just got to the assignment where I’m supposed to hunt one now and I keep on failing...
bone armor for easy fire resistance
wrong. stack on defence, very few of his moves inflict fire damage, and even so, both of his fire moves can potentially insta-kill. Defense is key.
How much damage does it do?
depends on the attack. But in general, well, a lot.
This guy has the best looking gear imo
Odogaron has better looking gear