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That lore statement really should be changed or removed. There is little evidence that Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne are connected in any way.
It's not saying it's connected, it's saying that it is a tribute. There's a differance


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It says tribute, you should go to Leonhardts page though. I love these guys who can't read things outside of names from picking up an item
Stupid question about parring with this: it remarks about the critical hit being "executed with the dagger" (might be the standard poor translation and it means the parry itself), does this have a special critical when you're powerstancing it or am I just being dumb? (I'm using it onehanded with a WA shield)
It will do a standard UGS riposte animation. The dagger is only used in the weapon art and for parrying attacks.
@15JanAnon Cool, thanks.
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the weapon skill is great in PvE, especially effective against deacons of the deep, dragonslayer armorer, lothric princes, as well as most low poise enemies.
Great when you want to use a Weapon Skill shield like the [Shield of Want] or a Greatshield. Big bonus against Abyssal enemies too including a few bosses! Top tier PVE weapon in my opinion.
I second this. The weapon art is absolutely insane against multiple - weaker - enemies and it is absolutely OP against all NPC invaders (including some bossfights). It allows you to do a small sidestep during the animation, and if timed right, can avoid stabs, shields and some bossmoves. Against bosses this weapon isn't the best, but still very decent. The weapons art is amazing against a couple of bossfights, but will most likely be a little too underwhelming against most bosses that have a small (safe) attack window. Upgrading this weapon should be an absolute priority, so save up all your Titanice Scales right from the start. I'm running a Faith build + the Farron Greatsword and almost all content is a lot less frustrating, and you can actually take those unnecessary risks and still be rewarded. In PvP it is great against inexperienced players and paired with a proper Faith secondary build you can be a pest against all casters. Pair this weapon up with a weapon skill shield and get ready for some fun gameplay. Pair this one up with the Dragon Torso (knockback and extra dmg) and you can choose to twoshot most enemies if you lack a little damage here and there. Play this weapons right and you will rarely get hit at all. If you do? You have a shield. NG+ is a joke right now, already looking forward to NG++ Only downside... it is really heavy and carrying your shield will lower your absorption by a fair amount because you can't wear heavy armor at first. I'm lvl 120+ now, paired this weapon up with Rose of Ariandel + Sunlight Spear (40 faith) and you can hit number close to 1200-1400 dmg when hitting an enemy up close. Finish them off with the greatsword or the Rose's light attack and GG. Also works great against parry players.
This is by far my favorite weapon. Everything from the weapon art to the clinking of it chopping your opponent’s ankles off. Top tier weapon but easy to parry. I recommend rolling and attacking or just regular attacker’s when faced with a good parrier (if that is a word). Very fun weapon and I love how it fits my play style, I can really PvP with it.
Also a side note I think I should add is that you should never use the l3 or third weapon art because that is that is parried most
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I laughed to hard, good comment
The dagger appears to have about 20% of the sword's AR. That's a lot. Considering anything you hit with the dagger is absolutely getting hit by the sword, you maximize the DPS of this weapon by being aggressive and staying close to opponents. The aggressive leaping of the L1 attack chain makes this pretty easy.